A Grand Reception – Sept 17. 2009

A grand reception at Got Agulu (meaning Claypot Hill translated from the local Luo language) Primary School. We were invited to work at the school for an entire day, introducing the Journey (in 3 languages – English, Kiswahili and Luo) not only to the 387 school children from classes 1-8 but also to the entire teachers team as well as interested parents and community members. This was a day to remember!
Waiting for us!

Again, a picture is worth 1000 words, so I’d rather use the extrememly limited Internet conection that we find here in this remote part of the country to upload a few photos taken on the day. Enjoy!
Resource balloons

Our team was formed of Moses, Sheila, Beatrice, Jacinta and myself as well as camera man Elia and Mzungu-beauty Zoe. The only drawback was that on the way home we got caught up in a stylish tropical downpour – koth obiro – rain is approaching – as the locals say, and it POURED that the trees were bowing to the ground! But with all the amazing Journey resources inside of us, nobody could really get upset when we got soaked and we whiled away the time squashed together in a wayside kiosk.

Our program for next week includes invitations to a further two Secondary Schools, one place where we meet both Primary and Secondary students and finally a day with all of this years class 8 Primary school exam candidates of the entire location … I simply can’t wait for all the fun we’re going to have …

And whilst I’m writing this and am again and again out and about with the fantastic Journey Outreach Team, Thomas and the children are busy getting our house, donated for our exclusive use, by Dani, Moses grandmother, in order. We already have beds and matresses so we can sleep comfortably. Even a couple of beautiful traditionally made chairs and a handcrafted table arrived some days ago. Today the focus is on preventing the rainwater to flood the house in heavy downpours. Unfortunately the house is positoned in a way that all the water from the compound is flowing right towards our doorstep, so Thomas and Elia are digging trenches to divert the water as well as laying a brick path leading up to the door and preventing further erosion … Life in the tropics!

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