A picture is worth a thousand words – Sept 14. 2009

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so please have a look at our picture library for the results of today’s Journey Outreach workshop with the Raganga New Vision HIV/AIDS community group in Kisii. These people are openly and positively living with being HIV-positive, a phenomenon that was unheard of 10 years ago when I lived here and worked in the field of HIV/AIDS counselling and prevention. They welcomed us with open arms and als always a joyful song and dance and quickly embraced the message of The Journey, even though it was a challenge to cater for all language abilities. In the end we facilitated the Journey process for 3 different groups, one in English, one in Kiswahili and the third one in Kiswahili with simultanious translation into the local Gusii language. That worked well for all involved and luckily we were again a strong team of 6, consisting of myself, Jacinta, John Odida, Moses, Beatrice and Sheila. Wonderful work!

Introducing the Journey process

So we keep going with our program. Tomorrow we visit a Primary School to work with teachers, students of classes 6, 7 and 8 and parents alike. And on Wednesday we are equally booked in with a local Secondary School … We’ll keep you updated, connectivity given. You need to understand that I’m writing this with no mains electricity – Thomas has built a contraption that allows me to recharge the laptop overnight from the car battery. For the internet connection we use a device called a dongle – ever heard of it? – but uploading a single photo took me about 5 minutes tonight and I sit outside under the stars with the African night sounds all around to catch the last bit of WWW out of the air. Anyway, voilà, this entry is up, but don’t expect too much from us in the coming couple of days as it really is a big challenge to get online.

For now, Kwaheri (Swahili), Bye (English), Oriti (Luo) and Mbiamono (Kisii) – those are the languages we currently work with …

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