About Us

Purpose of Journey Outreach

Millions of people around the world are in pain.  Their lives have been ravaged by the long lasting effects of trauma and suffering from abuse, repression, war, natural disasters, pestilence, or hunger.  They long to dig out of the hole they find themselves in, and yet they don’t have the tools.

Journey Outreach provides the tools . . .
of emotional healing for real personal freedom,
for self empowerment to re-engage in life,
to follow our passions and find purpose, and
that allow us to blossom in our own authenticity.

We all need a sense of empowerment to access our inner strength and creativity, to grow, and to feel hopeful about the future.  Journey Outreach provides Journey and Visionary Leadership programs for individuals and communities that can greatly benefit and would otherwise not have access through the following ways:

  • Community workshops and scholarships allowing individuals and communities in need to experience and learn Journey skills;
  • Community outreach programs offering group services from Journey Practitioners and Visionary Leadership Coaches to help communities in need;
  • Other health-related community services and needs that promote the accomplishment of the Journey Outreach mission;
  • Research, information, and education for the general public to understand the power of Journeywork in providing help to themselves and others.

We are committed to sharing Journeywork with communities
worldwide to liberate humanity’s highest potential.

About Us

Journey Outreach is a non-profit organization established in 2004 through donations from a generous group of individuals.  Their vision was to provide Journeywork to children in South Africa living in orphanages and in rural schools who have suffered the hurt and pain of violence and abuse.  School Children & Youth is now our largest program, and children in over 2000 classrooms worldwide have found personal freedom, love and healing.  In 2007, a study completed with 4700 South African children showed that by just doing a 30-45 minute Classroom Journey process once a week, the number of students that passed improved by 50%. We have seen similar results with students all over the world, including reports of fewer referrals and less absenteeism.  Journey Outreach also provides programs for Wellness & Abuse Recovery, Employment & Empowerment and Correctional Facilities.

Journeywork is used in 20 different languages and has empowered over a million people to work through challenging emotions and find their true essence, beauty, and strength.  A guided introspection process allows blocks to be uncovered and released in a healthy way. Since it’s establishment, Journey Outreach has grown to 14 countries on four continents, providing services for shelters, prisons, disaster relief, orphanages, hospitals, schools, abused persons, suicide prevention, substance abuse, life-threatening diseases, minority and disadvantaged populations.

We have regional offices in Africa, Australasia, and North America supporting programs in Australia, Botswana, Canada, China, India, Kenya, Mexico, Namibia, New Zealand, South Africa, United States, Japan, Tanzania. To support our future growth and excellence the Board of Directors is committed to rigorous evaluation through partnerships with recognized research and evaluation teams.

When inward tenderness finds the secret hurt,
pain itself will crack the rock and ah! let the soul emerge.

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The Journey and Visionary Leadership

The Journey is transformational work that involves a guided introspection process to allow participants to work through memories and emotions of challenging events in their lives, and come to a place of empathy for others and completion for themselves.  Since 1994 it has grown to 36 countries and over 20 languages and is recognized as a uniquely potent tool that has helped over a million people worldwide free themselves from issues relating to fear, anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem, chronic anger and rage, physical challenges, addictions and unhealthy behaviors, emotional or physical abuse, relationship problems and career performance.  The Journey provides practical, user-friendly tools for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results, no matter their age, background, culture or upbringing.

Visionary Leadership tailors Journeywork techniques and tools to bring “emotional intelligence” to professionals in all types of careers, businesses and organizations.  It focuses on uncovering and eliminating core mental and emotional blocks that hold back natural potential and innate genius, supports truth and authenticity in individuals and organizations, and allows people to realize and develop their true quality leadership abilities.  The potency and effectiveness of the Visionary Leadership tools have recently inspired the Canadian Judiciary to launch a two-year training program which began in May, 2010 and it is being received with great success.  The Canadian Army is also seeking to use Journeywork and Visionary Leadership to help Soldiers work through with PTSD from stressful battlefield situations.

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