Flinders University – Social Emotional Impact Study

FLINDERS HUMAN BEHAVIOR AND HEALTH RESEARCH UNIT (FHBHRU): In 2009 Dr Jill Beattie of Flinders University – in collaboration with Journey Practitioners Suzanne Dowd, Susan Leeder-Morale, Cecile George and Jan Henderson – conducted a program and research focused on the impact of Journeywork on the social and emotional wellbeing of the children. Read an extract from the report.

The program used Journeywork strategies and tools, including mindfulness, guided introspection, and imagery, to support and grow the social and emotional wellbeing of children in a primary school in metropolitan Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The research included the impact of Journeywork on daily lives, emotional wellbeing, physical problems, despressed feelings, positive feelings, interpersonal relationships, prevelence of symtoms of greatest challenge and academic progress, as well as parents’, teachers’ and childrens’ views and perceptions of the impact. The report of the study is now available.

Take me to Dr Beattie’s Emotional Fitness site to LEARN MORE and find out how to get the full report.

Download a copy of the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of the report.

Junior Journey Program

The Junior Journey Program was created in Australia specifically to provide Journey workshops to teenagers so they can work with and support each other. It has recently grown to also be offered in the United States and Canada. The program has been extremely successful in attracting young people and empowering them to help themselves and others through the challenges and pressures of school and early adulthood. It has helped many youth to claim back their lives, recover from suicidal tendencies, and feel healthy and whole again.

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