Correctional Facilities

General Program Description

Journey Outreach programs for correctional facilities were first initiated in 2006 and are currently ongoing in South Africa, Indonesia, and the United States. Programs include Journey Intensive and other Journey educational classes and processes provided for a group of inmates, and Journey Practitioner one-on-one services provided to individual inmates.

Noticeable shifts take place in cell sections of correctional facilities that experience Journeywork. The atmosphere becomes more calm and relaxed. Inmates encourage one another to overcome their fears and take on the challenges of clearing painful memories and emotions. In there cells they often use the tools to support themselves and others.

Specific Aims and Objectives of the Program

  • Empowering offenders to accept responsibility in all aspects of life
  • Helping offenders find acceptance and forgiveness for themselves and others
  • Training and development of offenders in, and transitioning out of, correctional services
  • Social re-integration into main-stream life
  • Telephone emotional release support & community support
  • Crime prevention

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Department of Correctional Services – Westville-Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal — South Africa

This project was initiated in 2006 to provide Journeywork to female inmates at Westville Prison and has grown to include centers in Durban and KwaZulu Natal. The purpose of the program is to offer offenders a comprehensive rehabilitation program so they do not have further offenses and are equipped with the necessary self-empowerment tools to reintegrate into their families and society upon their release.

Since 2006 The Journey Outreach Rehabilitation Program has evolved into a well structured and monitored rehabilitation program in partnership with the Department of Correctional Services in every section of the facility. Over 500 inmates have participated in the program and over 800 individual and group Journey sessions have been provided, and the program continues to grow. As staff members and inmates have become more exposed each year to Journeywork with the expansion of the program, we have found more openness to the work. Several offenders who had participated in the program in previous years encouraged their peers to receive Journeywork. Members of staff are very supportive of our work. Their referrals assist the practitioners to spread the work more rapidly, and many of the staff have even participated in The Journey sessions themselves. The social workers and case supervisors use reports submitted by Journey Outreach twice a year to gain new insight and understanding of the offenders’ emotional well being and progress made over a period of time. The program has been endorsed by the members of staff in Care and Development, and is quality assured and monitored by the Directorate of Care and Developement, DCS-Durban Management.  Volunteers for this program should be, or intend to become, Accredited Journey Practitioners.

Adopt an Offender Program — South Africa

In Fall 2010 DCS-Durban Management and Journey Outreach launched the Adopt an Offender Program. Individuals or businesses may adopt one offender or many at a cost of R1600 per offender. Our target is 100 new female offenders within a 10 month time frame. This will cover the cost of 3 one-on-one 2 hourly sessions, as many group sessions and all administrative costs including all follow-ups after the completion of the programme and telephonic support upon release. Due to the confidentiality agreement the anonymous offender will communicate with the donor/sponsor in writing of her progress via The Journey Practitioner. The donor/sponsor will be invited to meet with the respective offender(s) at the annual presentation day held in the Female Facility at the end of a 10 month period. The Journey Practitioner engaged with the donor/sponsor and the respective offender will be responsible for all the report back and follow through in conjunction with the Journey Outreach DCS project leader and head office. The donor/sponsor’s name, only when agreed upon, will appear on the Journey Outreach website. Volunteers for this program should be, or intend to become, accredited practitioners.  For more information please contact:

  • Heather Slabbert – +27 (0) 31-702 8104/ 082 9219197,
  • Make a Donation to the Adopt an Offender Program (Tax deductible status pending for South Africa):


J. Reuben Long Detention Center – Conway, South Carolina – United States

In July 2010 Paula Loehr, a Journey Practitioner in Training, began a pilot outreach program as an optional part of the Life Recovery Solutions Program at J. Reuben Long Detention Center in Conway, South Carolina. As of September 2011 she completed Emotional Journeys with all fourteen inmates requesting it, and has seen tremendous results. Inmates have noticed significant changes in their attitude and their overall awareness of themselves and those around them. Many inmates have reported feeling better in their own skin. They have worked on very traumatic issues and Paula has been impressed with their willingness to open up and really allow these issues to be healed. Program directors at the Detention Center have commented on the positive changes they see in the inmates receiving Journeywork. One particular inmate went from being teary eyed all the time to bright and cheery. They all seem to be dealing much better with their issues overall, beyond the issues they have uncovered in their processes.

Since September, Paula has completed 19 additional processes with inmates and 3 processes with clients at the half-way home which is phase two of the program.   She has worked with 26 inmates since the inception of the pilot program.  Of those doing journeywork, 19 have opted for multiple processes.   About every three months, she gives a presentation on Journeywork and invites new inmates in the program to voluntarily participate in the program.Many inmates have shared how helpful Journeywork has been for them.  One man in particular was filled with anger that made him lash at all the time.  After just this second process, he dealt with that inner anger and has become much softer in his approach to life.  Others around him began to question the change and he credited it to Journeywork!  Other inmates have been able to move past traumas from years past that they thought would always be with them.  One inmate said “Journeywork is like the shower you get after coming out of the salty ocean.  You feel all dirty and then you are thoroughly cleaned in the process.”   He has been with the program since the beginning and is a great spokesperson for it.  This is cutting-edge work in the jails and Paula is excited to be part of it.  General Administration of the jail has their eye on Journeywork!

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