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Beginning Level – Entry Workshops

  • Journey Intensive (JI): This entry-level 2-day workshop teaches the latest Journey techniques as well as providing meditations, guided introspections and additional mini-process work.  Day 1: Participants undergo the Emotional Journey Process, awakening to their true essence and boundless potential, resolving and letting go of unhealthy emotional memories and issues.  Day 2: Participants experience the Physical Journey Process, uncovering old memories that might be causing physical challenges and pain, and allowing them to be cleared for healing.
  • Visionary Leadership Intensive (VLI): Participants in this entry-level 2-day workshop learn and experience introductory Visionary Leadership guided introspection techniques as well as a multitude of mini-processes to work on issues such as fear embarrassment or rejection, victim and blame games, and fear failure or success.  These techniques help participants to recognize emotions that have clouded judgment, identify and clear out limiting beliefs and social conditioning that stand in the way of true clarity, clear out behaviors and silent saboteurs that prevent peak performance, transform resistance into assistance, and reveal inner greatness and innate leadership.
  • Advanced Skills (AS): (Prerequisite: JI or VLI) This entry-level 1-day workshop teaches advanced tools and mini-processes for participants to help themselves and others work through difficult emotional memories and blocks.  It integrates Journey tools and builds the foundation of the Practitioner Program.  Participants learn how to cut through negative mind-talk, clear limiting blocks, break through resistances, and work through deep challenges and complicated issues that might arise.
    Trainers Training: (Prerequisite: JI or VLI) Two and 1/2 days at a JI or VLI deepening and expanding Journeywork skills. Learn intervention skills to facilitate profound breakthroughs with yourself and others.

Intermediate Level – Practitioner Workshops

  • Healing with Conscious Communications (HCC): (Prerequisite: JI or VLI and AS) This advanced-level 2½-day workshop teaches participants the huge impact verbal and non-verbal communications have on wellbeing, helps them learn how to communicate more elegantly and effectively, and shows them how to build rapport with people they are helping.  Participants experience the profound effect communication has on their emotions, behavior, and ability to heal.  They learn and experience a multitude of transformative tools, including working with phobias, pain management, conflicting beliefs, unhealthy behaviors, and self-defeating vows.
  • Liberating Kids Shining Potential (Lib Kids): (Prerequisite: JI or VLI and AS) This entry-level 1-day workshop teaches participants how to unlock the boundless potential and natural joy within themselves and for children, boosting their self-confidence and creativity.  Participants learn how to work with child issues such as bereavement, divorce, bullying, growing up, learning disorders, and blocked self expression.
  • Manifest Abundance (MA): (Prerequisites: JI or VLI and AS) In this advanced-level, 3-day in-residence workshop participants uncover and expose limiting patterns and silent saboteurs that stifle and block potential.  They spend an entire day in process clearing these blocks for themselves and others.  They spend another entire day helping others and themselves to brainstorm, vision quest, and develop dynamic action plans with practical ways to allow abundance to flourish, and to build new lives.

Advanced Level – Practitioner Workshops

  • No Ego:  (Prerequisites: HCC, Lib Kids, MA) In this advanced-level, 7-day in-residence workshop participants experience a penetration into their own personalities and into the core of what drives their personal identities, behaviors and habits.  They are exposed to their own deeply-ingrained core fixation patterns used to construct their ‘games’ and self-lies, revealing the controlling behaviors that run their lives.   Participants experience and learn to use these self-revealing tools with deep compassion for themselves and for work with others, allowing deep emotional healing and realizing an entire new place of liberation, personal freedom, and empowerment.
  • Life Transformation Week:  (Prerequisite: No Ego) This advanced-level, 8-day in-residence workshop teaches participants how to spontaneously and intuitively draw from all of the tools and techniques learned in all previous Journey Workshops.  They experience and learn more involved processes for working with people to help them with very specific issues and life challenges, including sexual blocks, addictions, abuse, rape, various illnesses, obsessions, relationship issues, depression, etc.  Participants experience and learn elegant techniques to elicit and uncover the real core issues underneath the surface stories.   They learn how to work with people from a place of stillness and deep connection, providing a profoundly safe environment for people to work through and heal deep emotional wounds and severely limiting blocks.  Completion of this workshop, along with a series of case studies reviewed by NAJPA, allows participants to become Accredited Journey Practitioners and facilitate Journeywork as private practice practitioners and/or for Journey Outreach.

Visionary Leadership Program

This advanced level program is delivered through three week-long in-resident workshops.  Most recently this program was delivered as part of the Justice Leaders of Tomorrow Program for the Canadian Judiciary. Go to our Employment and Empowerment page or follow the links below to the Conscious Company website for more information:

Other Workshops/Programs

  • Journey Swap Meets: This is ½-day meeting for all graduates of Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Level programs.  Swap Meets can be held informally or formally to support ongoing Journeywork between individuals in the community.  Formal Swap Meets include support from Accredited Journey Practitioners and/or Presenters and a short lecture to answers questions and review skills.
  • Journey in the Classroom: This is a children’s 40-60 min weekly program run by an Accredited Journey Practitioner or Presenter with support from graduates of the Intermediate Level Programs.  This program works well in an after-school setting, and has also been operated successfully throughout the world as part of the school curriculum.
  • Journey in Correctional Facilities:  This is an established and successful program for correctional facilities in South Africa with new programs beginning in Kenya, United States, and Canada.  Journey Outreach can help Accredited Practitioners start a program of this type if there is interest.
  • Leader Within:  This beginning-level 10 day (50 hr) Visionary Leasership workshop was developed for the Canadian Government Employment Office to support people in finding new employment opportunities.
  • Special Event Workshops:  Journeyman, Journeywoman, Journey to Creativity, Journey to Breast Cancer Wellness, Teachers for Transformation

*Educational Scholarships are available to help people who can’t afford to attend workshops and are passionate about helping themselves and others by clearing past memories, emotions, and limiting beliefs about themselves, others, and life. Journey Outreach provides scholarships for all types of Journey and Visionary Leadership workshops. Individual and group scholarships for $2500 or more may require a Small Grant Application and those for $5,000 or more may require a Large Grant Application.  Please contact Journey Outreach in advance if you anticipate requests of these amounts.  All applications must be submitted in English.

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