Employment & Empowerment Testimonials


Charles Chege

“Since I got introduced to the Journey process, I have experienced quite some remarkable changes. At first I didn’t notice the changes but soon they became evident. I am now able to relate to people more easily and in a more understandable manner. I have come to understand the uniqueness that each individual poses and how our interactions are affected by our differences. The Journey has further made me more aware of myself. It has opened my eyes to the hitherto unknown potential that lay or were available to me. It has made me appreciate my own self worth.”

— Charles Chege, 26


Anderson Kivairo

“My life was in a bad situation because I was affected with the past election problem that we had here in Kenya. My school was half way burnt down and I was forced to flee and attend a school in Nairobi. I have seen people being chased and killed before my eyes. I had fear all over myself and lack of self esteem but since when I received the Journey I felt courageous, even comforted.”

— Anderson Kivairo, 19



“No words can explain how or what I feel. The power to break down obstacles, believe and hope in anything I want – not material things but love towards everyone, happiness amongst my surroundings, peace towards my enemies – that is the greatest achievement with The Journey.”

— Melvin, 23


Winnie Nyakongo

“It has uplifted my soul and freed me from stigma. I feel loved, accepted and free. Initially I was so tied up. Thank God for this program. Now I have faith that I will continue with my future plans because I have forgiven and I am forgiven. I felt it was the end of my life but I have learned a lot and can now live a normal life like the rest.”

— Winnie Nyakongo



“Goodness, thank God for this Journey process thing because through it I learned to forgive those who wronged me. Sorrowful moments gave way to blissful moments. As for courage, it came unnoticed. I just found myself talking in front of any crowd without any fear.”

— Beatice, 21



“It is a wonderful Journey and it has really worked in my life. I feel strong now and inwardly healed. I have learned to forgive and can continue to live my precious life. Thank you.”

— Makori, Chairman of the Raganga New Vision HIV/AIDS Group

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