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“The Journey really helped us so much. Personally, I felt a heavy burden was lifted off my shoulders. I can summarize it in words like astonishing, restoring and self sustaining. The Journey has helped me also in that I can handle somebody who has a negative challenge by using some of the skills acquired. Following the Journey can really change somebody’s life — if you haven’t tried it, you just don’t know what you are missing.”

— Zeph, 21



“Initially I thought it was just but an unreal thing. But after undergoing the process I felt a change in my psychosocial and physical being. It wasn’t so tremendous initially but after doing it 2 or 3 more times I felt a great change both in my thinking and my relationships with others, especially close friends and family members. The Journey has made me realize that there is actually a way we can restore and maintain positive self esteem, confidence, sanity and being focused. I now have an extra skill that I can use to tackle the various challenges that I undergo in my daily life.”

— Malit, 21



“I felt hatred and rage inside me. I could not let go of my ex-girlfriend. I kept imagining what I’d do or what I’d tell her if I ever met her. I had loved her so much, to the extent that life without her was unimaginable. So when she broke up with me the whole me stopped functioning. Right now, after the Journey, I see her like a friend. When I meet her I can talk to her the same way I talk to my buddies. My life will go on!”

— David, 23



“I used to hate myself. I knew that I was the ‘ugliest’ girl in the school and the stupidest one. I was afraid of my classmates and even friends. I was sad and did not live a happy life and the best solution to me was to hang myself or take poison. When I was introduced to The Journey process, my life changed and I accepted the kind of human being I am. I also started counting myself as being worthy to live in this world as others do. Today, I trust myself and I normally find that life is easy. I am free and happy about life, myself, and my friends too.”

— Sheilah, 19


Charles Mbaka

“The Journey is a very new experience to me. Although I have read a bit about Social Psychology in University and NLP in the recent past, I have never had a deeper experience. I feel I have expelled fears, inhibitions and several emotional negative thoughts/feelings that have created mental blocks all my life. My new self is open, loving reaching out and ever willing to help others go through their Journey.”

— Charles Mbaka


Naraya Urban

“The Journey is not a teaching that one can understand with the mind, neither by talking or reading about it. Instead, it is a fully experiential soul tool that you simply have to give a go in order for its huge life changing benefits to begin permeating your life.”

— Naraya Urban-Winterfeldt, Journey Practitioner


Kennedy Chiaga

Beautiful!!! I personally have benefitted a lot and have undergone transforming moments where my spiritual, emotional and physical being have received a total boost. This is a wonderful programme that helps transforming a person into a new being.”

“The Journey makes me move a step in achieving my dream of one people, one world, where none is superior and none is inferior, where hate, jealousy, ego and oppression are doomed, but where one love, harmony, peace, happiness, forgiveness are merging under the good magnetic umbrella of the Journey.”

– Kennedy Chiaga, Community Based Youth Counselor


Risper Atieno Okoth

“I was a woman full of anger and negative thoughts. I kept looking back and I was always obliged to undermine myself. There was no single day where I was ever proud of myself or had positive thoughts. But after various Journey sessions I feel relieved, happy and ever joyous.”

– Risper Atieno Okoth

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