The Journey in India

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Children of Mother Earth ‘Apna Ghar’

Children of Mother Earth (COME) was founded in 1998 by Ravi Rai to rescue orphans in India. Most of the children he finds at the railway stations, and some come to him from other places as well. His lead operation is in Delhi, with additional operating locations in Lucknow and Gorakhpur. He contacted The Journey office independently after hearing about the work. He was looking for a way to help his children cope with and forgive their pasts and personal traumas. Most of his children are orphaned, abused, and abandoned. They vary in age from infants to teenagers.

Ravi was sponsored through The Journey practitioner’s program in 2009 and has trained 5 of his staff members to do the Kids Journey with the children. Currently he has 250 children staying with him permanently at the COME orphanages, and 322 have been reunited with their families. Ravi educates, feeds, clothes, and shelters these children, and he and his staff give them Journey processes regularly. They are provided with a traditional education and/or they are taught a trade or skills so that they can contribute, gain employment and acceptance in society, and build lives for themselves.

‘Apna Ghar’ means ‘Our Home’ and is the name the children have given to the program. To learn more or to purchase a music CD specially created to support Journey programs at ‘Apna Ghar’ click here.

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