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Meet the Team

In 2008 Journey Outreach North America was established as a tax-exempt 501(c) non-profit in the United States, and we are working on the same status for Canada. Start up funding has come from generous individuals in the US and Canada who have experienced the transformative power of The Journey and wish to help others experience the work. This office was created to further the purpose of Journey Outreach by utilizing the growing financial and people resources in North America (over 400 practitioners) for providing this work to individuals and communities in the Americas that would otherwise not have access, and to provide direct support and involvement for Journey Outreach International programs throughout the world. Support from this office includes existing and start-up programs for orphans, school children and teachers, at-risk youth, correctional facilities, AIDS infected people, widows, and Native American/1st Nations people in the US, Canada, India, Africa, and Mexico.

Kevin Lockwood — Executive Director, Programs Committee Chair

Kevin lives in Denver, CO. He has been facilitating positive change from within for people and organizations for over 24 years. He has managed over 130 projects on more than 40 government and NGO programs, and has experience as a non-profit executive director, corporate program manager, systems engineer, risk manager, process improvement instructor, Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) evaluator, and Six Sigma Black Belt. He holds an Honors Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and an Honors Masters of Engineering Management. Kevin is also a Yoga Instructor, Jin Shin Practitioner, Dances of Universal Peace Leader, and former Sunday school teacher and nursing home volunteer. He has worked with children, teens, and adults throughout the US, Canada, Thailand, India, Uganda, and Kenya. He the is the former Executive Director of Children’s Global Peace Project, and presently serves as a Board Advisor for that organization and also for the North American Journey Practitioners Association. He is a graduate of the Journey Practitioner and Visionary Leadership Programs.

Lori Beaty — President, Executive Committee and Personnel Committee Chair

Lori lives nestled against the mountains in Colorado. As she looks back over her life she realizes, whether it was being elected team captain of her childhood softball teams or being the editor of her high school newspaper, she has always been a leader. Lori’s educational background is in psychology and she holds a Bachelor of Science from CSU graduating Magna Cum Laude. For the last 13 years, she owned and operated a large format printing company. As a business owner, she inspired and impacted her community, employees, clients and venders being known in these circles as someone who is honest, dedicated, caring, innovative, creative and willing to take healthy risks. Her life was drastically changed by applying the tools she learned during the Journey Practitioner Program and Visionary Leadership Program and Lori is now working as a gifted graphic designer, marketing consultant and creativity coach. During the Journey Outreach fundraising auction at her first Manifesting Abundance retreat, Lori was so moved by the heartfelt and generous outpouring that came from everyone in the room that she prayed that someday there would be a way to reach out to anyone in North America who wanted access to Journey tools and that money would never be the obstacle that would keep someone from experiencing freedom and healing. JONA is an answer to that prayer. Lori is the President of Journey Outreach North America. She also holds the positions as the Executive Committee Chairperson and the Personnel Committee Chairperson. She is responsible for developing and monitoring all personnel policies, procedures and planning for the Corporation.

Kiran Asher — Trustee

Kiran owns and operates several gas stations and convenience stores in the state of Washington where he resides. He holds a Bachelor of Art in Business Economics and Marketing and he is an Emeritus member of Maui Masterminds. He has excellent interpersonal skills and loves to help others to grow when asked for help. A thoughtful decision maker, he loves to help others to grow to their potential; inspiring his managers, who started out as cashiers, to become the best they could be. He is blessed with the ability to visualize and the persistence and determination needed to manifest clearly what he desires. Being a part of Journey Outreach allows him to ‘pay’ back on a bigger scale than he might be able to do alone. He is a graduate of the Journey Practitioner Program.

Naina Kapadia — Trustee, Scholarships Committee Chair

Naina was born in India and at a young age she moved to Zambia, Africa where she was raised. She returned to India for college, after which she moved to the USA and currently resides in California. After working as the Chief Operating Officer of a national linen distributor for the hospitality industry for 22 years, Naina went on a path of rediscovery in searching for a holistic way of life. Despite being very disciplined with respect to diet and exercise, stress and anxiety plagued her life leaving her with various health issues. Yoga and meditation were not giving her the answer. The constant search to improve her health and spirit lead her to The Journey. Now, she is no longer searching. With a new sense of self, Naina’s passion is to share these simple, life-transforming methods of cellular healing with anyone and everyone. It is her mission to provide these practical tools that will help a person clear out any blocks, any unhealthy beliefs and any unhealthy behaviors and allow people to empower themselves to achieve their full potential in all walks of life. Naina also holds the position as the Scholarship Committee Chairperson for Journey Outreach North America, and is responsible for developing and monitoring all policies, procedures and planning for the distribution of scholarships. She is a graduate of the Journey Practitioner and Visionary Leadership Programs.

Sheri DeCoste — Treasurer

Profile to come

Joy Litster — Secretary

Joy lives in Lexington, KY with her 4 children. Born under the name Vanessa, she came into this life believing she had to leave her essence, her joy, behind. The Journey helped her discover and release this life-damaging belief. Having lived with depression most of her life, she now relishes being able to embrace her joyous nature. She loves dancing and celebrating life in any way. Her professional background is in computer programming and she holds an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science. While she loves programming and working with databases, she’s also passionate about expanding access to the emotional healing she found through The Journey. She looks forward to designing a new life with curiosity, trust, and gratitude. She is a graduate of the Journey Practitioner Program.

Colby Tootoosis — North American Aboriginals Committee Chair

Growing up in his indigenous nation in Canada, Colby noticed repetitions and patterns of issues that small, First-Nation Communities face. At the early age of 12 he noticed his passion to serve and aid in these communities’ liberation. At the age of 18 he started working in the front lines of communities concentrating on youth empowerment. Since that time Colby has continued to invite the courage to work with ending the legacy of unhealthy cycles and behaviors within many communities. Colby graduated from Chief Poundmaker School located on the Poundmaker Cree Nation. He continued his education in the areas of Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Saskatchewan. During the later course of his study, Colby felt the need to focus on his own personal growth through the direct experience of self-reflection and self-evaluation. During this time of personal empowerment he has had the opportunity to complete The Journey Practitioner Program and The Visionary Leadership Program. Colby is also a Life Skills Coach and Grief and Recovery Specialist. The skills Colby acquired during this time has lead Colby to the position of team leader on Crisis Response teams in service to first nation’s communities and a vibrant speaker in the area of youth empowerment.

Bunmi Moses — Financial Resources Committee and Planning Committee Chair

Profitle to come.

Karen Priest Barrett — Health and Wellness Committee Chair

Karen lives in Colorado. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy and has completed one year of post graduate work in Occupational Therapy. Keeping up her continuing education of at least 50 hours each 5 years to remain certified nationally for over 40 years has been a joy that has expanded to complimentary health modalities. She has practiced in the field of Inpatient Rehabilitation, General Medicine and Surgery, and has specialized in Outpatient Hand Therapy for 30 years. She has served her state and national organizations on their local and national boards and presented classes throughout the US and overseas in her specialty. Always searching for tools to help patients who get stuck, Karen has found that the Journey provides many blessing for her patients, and her family and friends. She thoroughly enjoys connecting with life, people and places, and has an ability to connect people to others with similar goals and interests. Her skills also include evaluation, problem solving, creating plans for tasks, tracking results, and encouraging success. She has the ability to be a team player or team leader if needed. “To join JONA in an effort to globally spread lifetime tools for those who do not yet have options to grow into their best life due to circumstances beyond their control is the best job I can ever think of having and the dream of a lifetime.” Karen is a former secretary of the JONA Board and is currently the Chair for the Health and Wellness Committee. She is also a graduate of the Journey Practitioner Program.

Paula Loehr — Correctional Facilities Committee Chair

Originally from Dalton, MA, Paula and her husband, Tim Loehr, have lived near Myrtle Beach, SC for over 20 yrs. They have been married for 28 yrs. and have two sons and two grandsons. They are extremely family oriented and enjoy spending lots of time with their children and grandchildren! During her time in South Carolina, Paula has worked in Catholic church administration, with a focus on pastoral care. Paula has also volunteered in her church, being particularly instrumental in starting up new ministries. She started a Children’s Liturgy, English as a Second Language program, Baptismal Team, Marriage Preparation Team, and others. Paula went for a Spanish Immersion program and is now fluent in Spanish. Since 1991, Paula has been involved in prison ministry, including death row, state prisons, and the local detention center. Her ministry in the prisons involves personal visits, spiritual direction, pen pals, assistance with re-entry, family support, and more. She is coordinator of prison ministry volunteers for the Grand Strand area and is a chaplain at J. Reuben Long Detention Center. In 2010, she introduced Journeywork into the Life Recovery Solutions program at the detention center and has continued to work in that capacity. Paula has been involved with the National Convocation of Jail and Prison Ministry since 1998 and is currently a South Eastern steering committee representative there. Paula is a graduate of the Journey Practitioner Program.

Jessica Hall Upchurch — Sr Advisor

Jessica lives in Fort Worth, TX. Her educational background is in General Business and Health/Wellness. She holds a Bachelor of Natural Science in Health/Wellness with a minor in General Business, and a Master of Science in Community Health, with an emphasis on holistic women’s health. Jessica’s occupational background has been as diverse as a manager of a Fitness/Health Center to Biometric Testing for Fortune 500 companies. Jessica is both a strong leader and a team player being able to know when to be a team player, problem solver, good listener and/or a thoughtful decision maker. In the past, she has “managed” people who worked with her, and today she ‘guides’ a personal staff on a daily basis and holds a position on the Executive Board of another non-profit. As she attended The Journey Practitioner program she saw the healing and love in her own life begin to shine. As her husband Matthew said, “You transferred the possibilities by living it and inspiring me to do the same.” Journey Outreach is a natural extension for what the Journey has brought to her and her family. “Knowing the Journey’s power and gifts can be given to all is amazing.” Jessica is a former Trustee of the Journey Outreach North America Board and is currently a Sr. Advisor. She is a graduate of the Journey Practitioner Program.

Kevin Billett — Sr Advisor

UK born Kevin Billett is joint founder — with his life partner, The Journey pioneer Brandon Bays – and CEO of The Journey Seminars International. With offices in the USA, Europe, Australasia and South Africa and offering seminars and retreats in over 25 countries worldwide, this organization brings cutting-edge personal growth techniques to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. For years Kevin has been leading consciousness-based workshops and retreats that allow people to strip away their limiting and painful conditioned responses to life, allowing them to discover the authentic greatness, genius and fulfillment that naturally lies within. Kevin’s main current focus is on bringing the power of this transformation to corporations and organizations, by developing and fostering a new paradigm of Visionary Leadership. He also presents JourneyMan and Conscious Communication workshops.

Kristine Lackey — Sr Advisor

Since childhood, Kristine has been called a “seeker with an opinion”. She always felt different as if she were merely witnessing life happen around her…always wanting to be a participant but never really knowing how. She would constantly study and challenge authority with the desire that someone would finally give her the “missing link”. She has studied with a multitude of teachers, researched an endless amount of self-help modalities and traveled in order to discover the “secret” to living. She found herself with a Masters Degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University and was ready to step onto the PhD track when she was introduced to The Journey. Shortly thereafter she woke up to a very simple reality… the key was right there inside of her the entire time and the only thing preventing her from seeing it was HER! And most importantly, she realized that she was powerful beyond belief and there had never been anything missing in the first place. Today she continues to travel through North America, with her husband Skip, sharing with others how true freedom, wisdom, connection, health and grace can be found within.

Skip Lackey — Sr Advisor

Skip Lackey grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas and went on to spend over 25 years in the entertainment business. He started his career by going to Clown College, then running away with Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus as a Clown. He has appeared as an actor on all major the television networks, as well as in movies and on Broadway. He has appeared in over 100 national network commercials and over 100 voice-overs for radio and television. Skip was also the on air host for Nickelodeon’s, awarding-winning program “Think Fast”. He then jumped behind the camera and graduated from the Vancouver International Film School and has also worked as a writer, producer and director and cinematographer for many years. He also was the Executive Producer for a NY/NJ Production Company called Kewazinga where he helped create a new “visioning” technology with over 17 patents that was used by ABC, ESPN, NBC, The Golf Channel and Nike. Skip and his wife Kristine then started Evolution Unlimited Inc.; the North American “arm” of The Journey. He is the Senior Trainer and North American Representative for The Journey and has facilitated this life-changing work for thousands of people worldwide. Because of his enthusiastic personality, his absolute love for life and his devotion to helping others uncover the amazing potential that we all share – his humor and passion will warm your heart and inspire you to dive deeply into your true authentic self. He now lives just outside of Boulder Colorado with his wife Kristine and has 3 children ages 17 to 5 months.


Bet Diening-Weatherston — Sr Advisor

Bet is resides on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. She holds an Honors Bachelor of Natural Science, Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation, and a Bachelor of Education with a specialty in Outdoor and Experiential Education Degree. Bet’s fifteen years as a teacher includes the Sunshine Coast, American School Foundation in Guadalajara, Mexico, and two years of living and teaching in the remote settlement of Coral Harbour, Nunavut, Canada. Travelling out on the land, living amongst the Inuit, and educating their children brought clarity, focus and purpose to Bet’s experience in the Arctic. She loves empowering others to live to their highest and best potential. Her training as an Accredited Journey Practitioner and Visionary Leadership Conscious Coach has provided her with various opportunities to teach and share these life transforming tools with others. Being a team player, problem solver and creative thinker has allowed Bet to become a Lead Trainer for The Journey and a presenter of Visionary Leadership for Conscious Company. Helping out with the Innu of Natuashish, Labrador and the youth at a Culture Camp in Poundmaker, Saskatchewan, she experienced firsthand the positive shifts healing can have on individuals and communities within the First Nation’s culture. She has also supported Journey and Visionary Leadership work with teachers and the Canadian Federal Judiciary. Bet also holds the position as the Canada Committee Chairperson for Journey Outreach North America, and is responsible for coordinating the growth in Canada in alignment with furthering the purpose of the organization.

We are committed to sharing Journeywork with communities worldwide to liberate humanity’s highest potential.

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