Journey Outreach expanded its mission to Mexico last year by helping to fund a Journey Intensive Seminar for 16 teachers. The Journey volunteers and teachers there are showing it’s possible for a few people to make a big difference. Below you can learn about some of the Journey Outreach programs in Mexico.

Foundation for Street Children

Journey Practitioner and director of Stichting Niños de la Calle (Foundation for Street Children) Silvia de Groot-Ruiz promotes Journey Work in Oaxaca, Mexico’s poorest state. She aims to get kids off the street by emotionally empowering them and their parents. As she explains, “The greater goal of STINICA is to assist in alleviating the poverty of the vulnerable children by giving them the opportunity of education.” Using Journey Outreach as a guide, she and the other members of STINICA in Holland support a program created to accomplish this goal in Oaxaca.

Silvia offered processes to various psychologists and conducted several Journey workshops. They were so impressed that they began spending four hours a week with parents and children to introduce them to the Journey. To promote the value of education, STINICA provides parents with a food package if their kids attend school each day. With the help of Journey Outreach, her organization hopes to empower both children and parents by helping them envision a happier, brighter future.

Fundación Laureles I.A.P.

Liliana Gomez Osorio, director of the Fundacion Laureles I.A.P. received grants from Journey Outreach to spread the message in her community. As she explains, the goal of her organization is “to address low-income families by helping them deal with violence, lack of communication between family members, addictions, codependency, depression, and improving self esteem and value as a human being.”

To accomplish this, Liliana conducted various workshops to ten professionals. By training them with Journey tools, she hopes it will create a multiplying effect. After their training, the volunteers go out to the community and work with at risk low-income families in an attempt to “solve the problems such as violence, addictions, learning disabilities and language.”

As she put it, “Our society is suffering from injustice, slavery, violence, emptiness, meaninglessness and lack of human values. This is why we work specifically with emotional problems helping family members build social capital, which in turn allows the student a proper human development. We achieve this through individual guidance, family and group therapy, using the latest techniques such as focusing and journey.”

Slowly but surely, Liliana is using Journey tools to help this community realize its full potential.

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