Outreach Program Areas & Goals

Journey Outreach sponsors programs for School Children & Youth, Wellness & Recovery, Employment & Empowerment, and Correctional Facilities. The goals of these programs are to:

  • Further the purpose Journey Outreach through the use of Journeywork and/or Visionary Leadership tools in service to populations that can benefit greatly and would not otherwise have access to the work, including but not limited to shelters, prisons, disaster relief, orphanages, hospitals, schools, abused persons, suicide prevention, substance abuse, life-threatening diseases, and minority and disadvantaged populations.
  • Collect qualitative and quantitative evidence based evaluation data to support the use of The Journey and/or Visionary Leadership tools with the population type we are serving.
  • Develop partnerships with existing organizations supporting the populations we are serving.
  • Promote Journey and/or Visionary Leadership education of the staff and/or clients within organization(s) and population(s) we serve. Promote long term partnerships and self sustainability of programs.
  • Foster teamwork among Journey Practitioners, Visionary Leadership Coaches, Journey Graduates, and the staff and clients of partner organizations.

Types of Program Support

Journey Outreach supports the following types of program through program oversight, educational workshops, grants, scholarships, and coordination with Journey Practitioners, Visionary Leadership Coaches, Journey Graduates and other charities helping the communities we support.

  • Independent Program — is a recognized program that is generally managed and run by local a Program Manager with independent infrastructure, procedures, accounting, and fundraising. Journey Outreach provides general oversight and a portion of the funding if necessary to ensure that Journey workshops, resource materials, and practitioners are available as needed.
  • Sponsored Program — is a recognized program that the Journey Outreach Board of Directors has agreed to support for 2 to 5 years. A local team with a Project Manager is created to set up the infrastructure, procedures and accounting, purchase materials, potentially establish partnerships, and work with the Program Director to make the program self sustainable. After the 2 to 5 year period it would become an Independent Program, with a local Program Manager, and would raise its own funds and be run and supported by the local community it was initially created for. Journey Outreach maintains an ongoing interest through general oversight, and provides a portion of the funding if necessary to ensure that Journey workshops, resource materials, and practitioners are available as needed.
  • Pipeline Projects — are projects that have been established in the community by Journey Graduates or Practitioners. They have been made aware to Journey Outreach directly or indirectly and are encouraged and supported with a view that they may become Sponsored or Independent Programs.

Grants and Scholarships

All grant and scholarship requests must be submitted in English.

  • Small Grants ($500 or less) — are available to generally support Journey Practitioners, Journey Practitioners in Training, and nonprofit organizations create or grow Pipeline Projects.
  • Large Grants ($500 or more) — are available to generally support Journey Practitioners and nonprofit organizations working together to create or grow Sponsored or Independent Programs.
  • Educational Scholarships — are designed to help people who can’t afford to attend a workshop and are passionate about clearing their limiting blocks both personally and in a leadership. Journey Outreach provides scholarships for all types of Journey and Visionary Leadership workshops. Individual and group of scholarships for $2500 or more require a Small Grant Application and those for $5,000 or more may require a Large Grant Application.  Please contact Journey Outreach for details if you anticipate a requests of these amounts.

Education Programs

Follow this link to find a workshop, download a scholarship application, or learn more about various educational programs.

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