Small Grant Proposal Guidelines & Application

Small Project Grants

Journey Outreach is not accepting unsolicited proposals for small project grants at this time.

When funds are available, up to $500 may be requested through a small grant request to further the purpose of the organization. Journey Outreach has no funds available at this time. These procedures do not apply to Educational Scholarships unless the scholarship request is over $2,500, then this Small Grant Application is needed along with the Scholarship Form(s). For scholarships over $5000 a Large Grant Application is required.

Who May Apply

Certified Journey Practitioners and nonprofit organizations worldwide may apply to Journey Outreach to request up to $500 for small projects that further the purpose of Journey Outreach. Practitioners in Training may submit a grant in partnership with a nonprofit organization.

When to Apply

Small Grant applications are currently being accepted throughout the year (subject to change). Please allow one to two months for a reply. If your application is denied, do not resubmit until one year later. If circumstances change that may improve the possibility of a grant award please contact Journey Outreach at with the details and we will let you know if reapplying at that time would be advantageous, and what steps to take.

Program Goals

Small Grant applications should address the following Journey Outreach Program goals:

Mandatory Goals:

  1. Further the purpose of Journey Outreach by promoting and encouraging the use of Journey and/or Visionary Leadership tools in service to populations that can benefit greatly and would not otherwise have access to the work, including but not limited to shelters, prisons, disaster relief, orphanages, hospitals, schools, abused persons, suicide prevention, substance abuse, life-threatening diseases, and minority and disadvantaged populations.
  2. Collect qualitative and quantitative evidence based evaluation data to support the use of The Journey and/or Visionary Leadership tools with the population type you are serving. How do we know we have been successful? (Journey Outreach can provide help here.)

Secondary Goals (not required, and can greatly increase the likelihood of receiving a grant):

  1. Development of partnership(s) with existing organization(s) supporting the population(s) you are serving.
  2. Promote Journey and/or Visionary Leadership education of the staff and/or clients within organization(s) and population(s) you serve. Promote long term partnership(s) and self sustainability of the program.
  3. Foster teamwork among Journey Practitioners, Visionary Leadership Coaches, Journey Graduates, and staff and/or clients of the partner organization(s).

Project Requirements and Agreements:

  1. Grants are given for new or expanded activity and for not picking up expenses that have been paid by other means in the past. Please note that Journey Outreach will award only one Grant per applicant per calendar year.
  2. Journey Outreach supports three levels of programs: Independent Programs, Sponsored Programs, and Pipeline Projects. Only Independent and Sponsored Programs may use the Journey Outreach name and logo in their work when approved by Journey Outreach. Under no circumstances shall any program or project use The Journey or Conscious Company names or logos. A grant award does not indicate that your project is or will become an Independent or Sponsored Program. If you are awarded a grant you will receive a confirmation email and agreement notice that will state the Level of Program and Terms of Support.
  3. Terms may include all or some of the following:
    • Journey Outreach responsibilities and those of the grantee,
    • Obligation of the grantee to use the grant funds only for the purposes for which the grant was made,
    • A summary report from the grantee at the completion of the project with qualitative and quantitative evaluation data
    • Grantee receipt reporting requirements,
    • Acknowledgment of our authority to withhold and/or recover grant funds if such funds are, or appear to be, misused.


Present a budget of projected income and expenses for your project. If you have asked other organizations for funds please include contact information so we can consult with them. Present all income and expenses for the project, including the grant request. Income must equal expenses! (Reference the Large Grant Application if you need some help.)

  1. Include income (such as registration fees, donations and in-kind support) and expenses (such as facility rental, insurance, materials, local travel expenses, food, in-kind support, etc.) for your project.
  2. The total value of your in-kind support should match or exceed your requested level of funding. To balance your budget, in-kind support will need to show up as an income and an expense, and might include:
    • Donated Facilities (valued up to $100/hr)
    • Certified Practitioner Volunteer Time (valued up to $95/hr)
    • Other Volunteer Time (valued up to $18/hr)
    • Personal Vehicle Travel Miles (valued up to 14 cents a mile)
    • Funds Availability

Generally funds will be made available to grantees within 3 weeks after your grant approval or approximately 1 month prior to your start date, whichever is later. Please note that wiring funds from the United States costs about $50. We therefore look for less expensive ways to distribute funds internationally.

How to Apply

If you need help please email your questions to and include your phone number and a good time to reach you. Your application may be submitted to that same email address or mailed to:

Journey Outreach North America
Grant Submission
P.O. Box 10
Louisville, CO 80026

Journey Outreach Small Grants Program — Application Form

Use Calibri 12pt or Times New Roman 12pt font and standard 1 inch margins for your application. Your entire application must include all of the information outlined below and be three (3) pages or less plus a separate budget page if necessary.

  1. Project Title: _________________
    Give your project a brief name of up to five words.
  2. Contact Information:
    Give the name, mailing address, postal code, country, telephone number and email address of the individual who will be the contact for this project. Also include names of participating practitioners and specific information about partner organizations (include a web site if available).
  3. Amount requested in US$: ______ (Up to $500)
  4. Project Description:
    • Briefly describe the activity for which you are seeking funds and how you will use the grant funds. Also include the date and location of any event that will take place, your qualifications to perform the program, and anything else that gives us a more complete sense of the project.
    • Briefly describe how you plan to accomplish each of the mandatory Journey Outreach Program goals.
    • If applicable, briefly describe how you plan to accomplish any or all of the secondary Journey Outreach Program goals.
  5. Budget:
    Give an overview of projected income (such as registration fees, donations and in-kind support) and expenses (such as hall rental, insurance, materials, etc.) for your project. You may attach a separate sheet if necessary.

Download Small Grant Guidelines & Application

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