So many shining eyes: Letting the children speak – Oct 11. 2009

Here’s how some of the children we’ve worked with express themselves before and after their Journey process:

“Each day I thought…

Before: “I was very lonely and upset. My beloved had just passed away and I was even willing to hang myself. I stayed for long unhappy. My school fees could not be there for me to learn since my parents could not afford it. I felt very upset and each day I thought about hanging myself. I did not even want to be with other people since they were always happy and enjoying life while I was ever sad.”

After: “After being sad for long I joined the Journey where I met a mentor who consoled me and made me to be happy. Many changes seemed to be taking place in my life. Soon I found myself in a new generation where it was full of love and every good things. Slowly by slowly I started forgetting of bad things I was with in my mind. I forgot about hanging myself and all pain in my heart was relieved.”

Diana Daisy, 15, Nyabola Girl’s High School

Levy Onyango, 13 years ...

Levy Onyango, 13 years,…

Before: “I wanted to spear my father because he caned me.”

After: “I then said to him I’m sorry.”

Levy Onyango, 13, God Agulu Primary School

“My heart is full…

Before: “I was very sad in the morning because I was pushed by my friend to go away.”

After: “Now I am feeling very happy and I have just forgiven her and also she has forgiven me.”

Bivalyne Awuor, 14, God Agulu Primary School

Boredom vs. Wow!

Boredom vs. Wow!

Before: “What I felt before the process – BOREDOM, BOREDOM, BOREDOM, … Very bored and tired. Lonely and somewhat unloved.”

After: “WOW – There can be miracles when u believe. Relaxed and calm and confident. Cared for and loved by someone invisible. Fear escaped and I’m left a confident girl.”

Ruth Adhiambo, 16, Nyagowa Secondary School

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