So many shining eyes: The feedback – Oct 9. 2009

“The whole process is fantastic as it is a remedy which can help in solving various problems like stress, animosity, hatred, trauma etc. which have affected most of our people’s lives. It therefore gives people a sense of reconciliation and forgiveness which is a pre-requisite in creating peace and harmony in the world.” Mr. Erick Odhiambo Nyasio, teacher, Nyagowa Secondary School

“A deep appreciation of your programme – ‘Journey Outreach’ – I have honestly uncovered it’s value adding attributes, it’s ability to contribute, without pharmacy-related medicine, to the well-being and healing of a person. Going through the process I found myself being naturally more relaxed, happy and radiant. I recommend you re-do and re-do …” Mr. Martin Onyango Okello, teacher, Nyagowa Secondary School

“I feel highly delighted to make a brief comment about the Journey seminar carried out in our school. This is extremely encouraging. I have personally transformed myself from the negative attitude I had about the community and felt encouraged to practice patience, forgiveness, peace, self control and love … I am now a happy man and inspired to extend the message to the needy, especially the orphans.” Mr. Fanuel Odhiambo Oliech, teacher, God Agulu Primary School

“The seminar was very good and the impact would be of great improtance especially now that orphans are many. I have personally enjoyed and got inspired to change my attitude and with intrinsic motivation face life with optimism. Many people need to be reached to have internal healing since many are traumatised with the challenges of life in Kenya today.” Mr. George Okello, teacher, God Agulu Primary School

“This is a great and wonderful event. It has a great impact on our pupils and even our teachers. Journey Outreach should be extended to all parts of the country. I now know how to go about my problems and even solve conflicts with others. Long live Journey Outreach!!! It’s marvellous!!” Ms. Eunice Gor, teacher, Ombek Primary School

“To be precise, in the early 1997 I lost both of my parents who were the bread winners in our house. I was left a young man heading a whole family. In fact I was feeling neglected by the community up to date. But when I was introduced to the Journey I was happy and excited with the first Journey classroom process. I was somewhere in my heart and I learned how I could go on forgiving those who have wronged me. Up to date I am a very upright boy who is loving, caring and courageous.” Eliazar Juma Kopany, Nyambewa Self Help Group

“This is a wonderful programme that helps in transforming a person into a new being, hence very necessary to all human beings. This process will also help in total reduction of human illness and disease thus promotes the economy and creates a new world for One People, One Nation. This is medicine that can heal the world!” Kennedy Onyango Chaga, Nyambewa Self Help Group

“This is not only for the children in our schools, I want this too! We leaders need the same kind of encouragement, healing and potentializing.” Mr. Mbaka, area chief, Konuong’a location, Oyugis

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